Please share a few words about yourself on your profile page

An important goal of this forum is to get to know other people. To facilitate such contacts, it would be great of you could say a few words about yourself on your Kunsido profile page.

There is an About me section, where you could say something about how or why you are interested in meetings or what kind of work you do. (Or anything else you like.)

There is also a spot where you can mention your location (if you like), and one where you can put a link to your website.

All of these, About me, Location, and Website will be shown to people when they click on your avatar. Try it by clicking on my avatar next to this post.

But wait, there is more: we are also asking everyone on Kunsido to join at least one group. If each of us joins a group, it will be much easier for everyone to find the people or the expertise they are looking for. It’s just one click to join a group here.

Once you have joined a group, you will be able to set a title which will be displayed next to your name like this:

(BTW: to select a flag, see here)

To select the title that corresponds to one of your groups, go to your account page and scroll down to “Title”, just below your profile picture:
Click the :pencil2: icon to set or change your title. (If you can’t find any title, check if you have joined any group yet.)

BTW: If you are wondering how to change your user avatar, see here