My goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaming amongst educators

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I am here as an educator in the K-12 public school system in the United States. I am a Director of Special Education and also a State-Wide Trainer for Meeting Mechanics. My goal is to continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of teaming amongst educators as we make critical decisions for students. I am looking for research and media clips that support structured agendas, team approach and process, rotating facilitator roles and utilizing a team evaluation process. I am looking forward to learning and contributing to this community.

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I’m very sorry for the late reply. I somehow missed your post during my vacation last year… :cry: To give more visibility to your question (or ideas), it is best to create your own topic for it so I have move your post into its own topic.

Since you asked for media clips: I recently came across these here, but I don’t know if they’re of any use for you, since they are obviously not specific to the school context:

This one introduces the idea of the agenda template and the problems connected with it:

Then this suggests what the “World’s Best Agenda Template” should look like:

Another inspiring tool is the Group Works card deck. And there are hundreds or thousands of other tools out there, many of which would probably fit your question. So if you could describe in some detail what problems or challenges you are facing, perhaps that will trigger some useful ideas.

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