What is your experience with the Group Works card deck?

I think the folks at The Group Pattern Language Project have done a marvelous job in distilling some (most? all?) of the core patterns relevant in organizing meetings (and group processes more generally). After years of work, they produced this deck of 91 full-colour cards, each card representing one of these patterns:

A free pdf-version of the deck is available for download at https://groupworksdeck.org/download-invitation

These cards can be used in so many ways that I can’t even start listing them. But I’d be curious to hear about your experience with these cards. Have you ever been at a meeting where they were used (or maybe you were the facilitator who brought them into the meeting)? What kind of meeting was it and how did it go?

I think it would be particularly useful to also hear some stories where the cards did not work so well (either for you personally or for the whole group). Not that I want to encourage bad talk about the cards, but I think we all know the uncertainties connected to introducing new, innovative methods into meetings and by talking about cases where it went wrong, we can improve hour judgement of when is the right moment/group to use which tool…

I had the great pleasure of working with the GPLP team on Group Works, and have enjoyed using it in a variety of settings.

In workshop settings to train facilitators or teams, with clients to understand their needs, create workshops or facilitations, then to debrief them afterwards, as an engagement tool with participants at an event.

We had the awesome opportunity to meet with the Cultural Transformation Project team in Calgary who used it with 6000+ civic employees to understand and shift culture.

I sometimes use it as an analysis tool and brainstorming device when dealing with complex situations, groups, or projects to assess various potential approaches… I’ll leave off there, but it’s the tip of a great iceberg of use.

I look forward to hearing how others are using it!

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Wow, that sounds like a massive project with a pile of cards! Can you tell a bit more about how it was done?

I’d be particularly curious to learn how the employees reacted to the cards.

Der Group Works Kartensatz ist inzwischen auch auf deutsch erhältlich:

And here is an introductory online course:

(for free access until 20 december 2019, see here)

This image (taken from the course) provides a nice overview of the deck’s categories and their respective cards: