Meetings Course Syllabus

Attached is a syllabus of a PhD seminar I teach.


meetings syllabus 15.doc (84 KB)


Wow, Karen - thank you for sharing. I think this would be an interesting course for me, but I’m particularly struck by the selection of sources. There are several sections here that talk about examining common meeting structures and critiquing popular advice, and yet all the references are academic.
Have you considered including any reading from the popular business press, or the professional facilitation handbooks? And if not - this is purely a question of ignorance and true curiosity on my part - why not?
Final question: what has the reception to this course been?

Yes, I’d also be curious about that. I believe you’ve been teaching this course several times (right?) so it would be interesting to see if/how you changed it over time and why… Like: Where there certain topics that didn’t work so well for the students or did students inspire you to add certain elements?

I’m right now writing up a course plan for a PhD level course on Meetings as a topic and tool for research so I’m very eager to be inspired…

The students in my meetings course were PhD students in communication,including DA and organizational area, media studies, and education. For these folks the course was well liked. Our department has been thinking about developing a a professional M A. For such a class I would need to rethink the course structure and readings significantly.

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Dear Meeting Symposium People,

I hope that everyone is having a great summer! I’m attaching a syllabus for a class that I taught on “The Anthropology of Bureaucracy” which includes a section on meetings. I thought this might be of interest to some of you. If other people have syllabi that relate to courses on meetings or related to meetings it would be fun to share them.

Cheers, Helen Schwartzman

490AnthroBureau.doc (61.5 KB)