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Hello to all and thanks to Christoph for the invitation to join this group!

My research focuses on communication and interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in health care, both in the hospital context and in primary care. Meetings play an important role in interprofessional collaboration. They are the primary means for “formal” communication for interprofessional teams, and their existence and their functioning are often litmus tests of sorts for collaboration itself. IPC meetings are often conspicuously absent in the delivery of primary care, and their absence can signal collaboration that is hindered by professional hierarchy and lack of organizational and institutional support for IPC.

I’d look forward to exchanging with anyone researching meetings in health care.

Thanks again Christoph!



This may be of interest for @Xianknelson and @Anna-Sophia

Hi Stephanie,
It looks we have similar interests in healthcare groups/team. As you can see, I’ve only recently developed an interest in this topic, so I don’t have much to offer you in terms of teaching or research. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, I wonder if I can prevail upon you to give me some direction in both teaching and researching IPC groups. Do you have a paper on this topic you could share with me? Do you know of any resources for teaching materials and activities related to this specific topic?
Thanks for any guidance,
PS I teach at MCPHS University in Boston, MA. What is your affiliation?

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Thanks for this information, Christoph

Hi Christian, so sorry for not replying earlier. I don’t come on the site often (obviously) and I guess I don’t have my preferences set up so that I’m notified when there’s a message. I don’t teach IPC or work in IPE (interprofessional education), but there are a number of bodies in Canada focused on just that. Check out the CIHC web site ( They’ve published some stuff on core competencies that researchers have built on.

Also, at the Université de Laval here in Québec (my affiliation is the Université de Montréal, in Montreal), there’s a group called RCPI led by a researched named Emmanuelle Careau who have published a really cool continuum of collaboration model that I and my collaborators often use. If you send me your email address, I can email you the English version of it.

My paltry publication record in IPC probably wouldn’t be much help to you, but I published in 2015 in HIP (Health and Interprofessional Practice).

Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance!


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