Save preferences is not working

Thanks for the tip, Christoph. Unfortunately, the “save” function doesn’t seem to be working right now.

Oh, that is not good. Could you say a bit more about what you tried and then what happens?

One thing that sometimes happens to me is that I forget that the “Save changes” button is at the very bottom of the page and then it doesn’t safe…

I filled in all the text boxes except country (because it wasn’t working) and then I hit “save changes.” When I clicked on that, the page would begin to refresh, presumably to reflect the changes, but what resulted was the page without any of the text I had written.

I know it’s very annoying when what you have written disappears, :tired_face: but I can’t reproduce the problem. I managed to put a :slight_smile: into your “About me” and save it without a problem. Maybe there was just a temporary problem with your internet connection or so? UPDATE: I just realized that I had made a mistake when I gave you the link. The correct link to your profile page is Sorry about the confusion.

Can you try it again?

BTW: If you are using the Chrome browser, I can recommend Lazarus as a plugin to avoid losing text you entered into webforms - not only here, but any webform. It has saved me heaps of work!

The link was no problem. For whatever reason, the web form saved this time. Thanks

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