White wall or great view?

I just came across two pictures of meeting rooms, both were posted for the purpose of advertising the room. Which one is better?

I’m not even ironic here. Is the Niagara falls meeting room really going to help people focus on the meeting? But then again, when you are sitting in your office, thinking hard or trying to come up with an idea, do you look at a blank wall or out the window?

If I were stuck in the windowless room I’d be worried about how I’d escape in the event of an active shooter. (My university advises avoiding any room with only one exit.) But that could just be an American preoccupation.

Well, basically, it depends on what the meeting is for. What should its outcome be? Once the objective is clear, you need to decide which room best fits the process that needs to produce that outcome.
I can think of many (many!) desired outcomes for which the top room would work. And hardly any for the bottom one. Echoing David Gibson’s comment, the bottom room would work well to create anxiety and depression as outcomes.