What does your meeting room look like?

Most meeting rooms are not spectacular in any way, especially for those who use it regularly. But what happens if we look at many meeting rooms next to each other? Maybe other people will notice something in your meeting room that you never thought about? Post a picture of your meeting room here, and we’ll see.

If you like, you can tell us something about it, but you can also just post the picture and maybe mention the city and country where it is located. Or how many people share this room or something basic like that to provide some context. You can also add a closeup of some detail, if you like.

If you notice something in any of the pictures, feel free to reply to that post and mention it.

Here is our “conference room”:

It is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and shared by about 40-50 people. And this is how we organize room bookings:

Asymmetric (coveted?) view of the outside, assuming there are just windows on the one wall.

I talked to a professor in architecture from Chalmers about my and many other´s frustration of the meeting rooms. He said “Architects design to show other Architects how great they are”. Most meeting rooms are not designed for creative meetings. In this example the interaction in the group will be poor and it is impossible to keep eye contact with each others.

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I don’t think that explains why meeting rooms are poorly designed (are they?) because it may well be that designing a good meeting room could be a way “to show other Architects how great they are”. If it isn’t, the question is why.

Could you post an inage of a good meeting room? Or any meeting room at all?

This is the cover of one of my 4 books published by Liber showing a good example of a meeting room Omslag guide skugga