Wanna participate in a mega study?

Hi all,

I’m sure you saw the studies showing that “Zoom kills creativity.” (That’s not actually what the study said, but that’s what the media reported.) This was irksome to many of us in the practitioner world, so we contacted some friends to see if we could run a new experiment.

It’s turned into quite the project. We’d love to have you all involved. You can read more about the premise and high-level approach here. Happy to answer any questions, and hope you’ll come play!


Thanks @Elise_Keith, this looks interesting! But I don’t quite understand what you’re planning to do. I read the page you linked to and I can see that there’s a lot going on: “Ideation Symposium, Design Competition, Experiment, and Festival”, but I’m still not sure what exactly you’re up to. Or to put it differently: What does it mean to sign up?

Good questions - we’ve definitely been refining the concept as we go. Hopefully, this is a bit clearer.

The Plan

January 17-19: Online symposium

We’ll share what we think we know now and collaborate in search of answers to these questions:

  • Innovative Teamwork: How can we best unleash team creativity?
  • Sustainability: What challenges to our future can unleashed teams help solve?
  • Serendipity: How can we best bring people together to form new teams and unleash new possibilities?

Options to participate:

  • Attend the symposium
  • Present. The call for speakers is open now.

February: A design competition

Submit a session design for an in-person, hybrid, or online ideation meeting. Our advisor group will select winning designs to test in the experiment.

Option to participate:

  • Submit a design.

March: The Experiment

Gather a team and test out the new designs. Together, we’ll learn:

  1. Which ways of unleashing team creativity in brainstorming meetings work best?
  2. What are all the ideas we can uncover for the sustainability challenges posed to brainstorming teams?

Options to participate:

  • Lead an experiment team and/or teams. Collect data.
  • Help analyze the data.

July: Two-Day Hybrid Festival

Time to celebrate! We’ll publish the experiment data, build on the proposed solutions, and create a recipe book of hybrid-ready innovation methods. And dance!

Options to participate:

  • Attend the festival
  • Present/lead a conversation about the results and what’s next

After the festival

Build on this work. Use the data to ask new questions and launch follow-up studies.

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AND - here’s an overview of the experiment approach, including a link to the “design brief” for the workshop we’ll examine.

Thanks Elise,

What is your aim?

I don’t understand.




Hi Airi,

My aim for posting here is to highlight that this work is commencing and invite people to participate. I’m unfamiliar with your work, Airi, so I don’t know if it’s relevant to you. I believe I listed the invitations above. Please say more about what’s unclear if that doesn’t answer the question.