The Gothenburg Meeting Science Symposium

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23-24 May 2017 University of Gothenburg, Sweden The emerging field of meeting science (or meeting research) has been flourishing in recent years, as evidenced several edited volumes and special issues (Allen et al. 2015; de l’Estoile 2015; Brown, Reed & Yarrow [forthcoming]; Clarke, Wodak & Kwon [forthcoming]; Sandler & Thedvall [forthcoming], Svennevig 2012). The aim of this symposium is to foster dialogue in this highly interdisciplinary field and to build a network of scholars with a shared interest in face-to-face meetings. This symposium is the first attempt ever to bring together meeting researchers from all social sciences to create synergies…

The Swedish daily ETC wrote about the symposium:

And this interview which came out today in the Swedish daily Göteborgs Posten was also triggered by the press release about the symposium (even though the symposium isn’t mentioned in the final text):ärför-älskar-vi-att-hata-jobbmöten-1.4387986

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And here is Tomas Lindblad’s radio program on meetings which includes several symposium participants: