Special Issue on "Observing Meetings"

[floatl][/floatl] The Journal Genèses has published a special issue (or “dossier”) about “Observing meetings” (“Observer en réunion”) edited by Benoît de l’Estoile. The articles (in French, but abstracts are available in English) revolve around meetings in situations of extreme inequality, in particular in the (post-)colonial context.

l’Estoile, B. de (Ed.). (2015). Observer en réunion. Genèses, (98). URL: Journal Genèses 2015/1 | Cairn International Edition

Table of contents
Page 3 to 6
Benoît de l’Estoile

Page 7 to 27
Benoît de l’Estoile
The Meeting as a Governmental Tool and Ritual: Interpersonal Conflicts and Administration in the Brazilian Agrarian Reform

Page 28 to 46
Daniele Inda Marchiando
Bringing the Community together: Public Action and Identity Reformulation in a Mexican Village

Page 47 to 68
Lila Belkacem
When the Clinic Goes Ethnic: Intercultural Mediation for Migrant Families

Page 69 to 88
Camille Al Dabaghy
A Place of Misunderstanding: Observing Development Meetings in Diégo-Suarez (Madagascar)