Resource list: associations, institutes, and networks galore

I just ran across this page on the Community at Work website (the folks behind the Facilitator’s Guide To Participatory Decision Making). There are several new-to-me gems on the list and I thought others might also find it useful.


Thanks for sharing! I found this one (called Liberating Structures) particularly interesting:

There is a whole list of LS user groups across the globe: Liberating Structures - User Group Startup

As a Liberating Structures user, I find it a really nice way to rethink my facilitation practices. A lot may feel familiar, but learning it again through the lens of the 5 microsctructures has really opened my eyes.

What is interesting about all these resources are they way we frame them. If you look at, it is a pattern language through which to understand and interpret group process. works to look at process and tools through the lens of a particular practice (knowledge management/knowledge sharing).

We can look at things in terms of “is this tool useful for that context.” We can look at them as a framework for understanding our work. It is fascinating!

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These tools help foster skill and hope. I also use Douglass Schuler’s Liberating Voices patterns, as a complement, as well as Tom Atlee’s Wise Democracy patterns, and, the Group Works Patterns.

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Thank you Elise. Always looking for new process tools and techniques.

Well shoot. It looks like Community at Work took that list down. Happily, I was sent this one this morning and I think it contains many of the same links.

The unMBA Institute has just released an introductory two-hour course on the Group Works Deck and is offering free access until 20 december 2019 (not sure if including or excluding the 20th). To access the course for free until that date, use the coupon code GWINTRO on the payment page. Thanks to Russell Giesbrecht for sharing his knowledge.

I saw that he also has a course on “Graphic Planning and Visual Meetings” with the encouraging subtitle “For the artistically challenged” :smile:.