Resource list: associations, institutes, and networks galore

Resource list: associations, institutes, and networks galore

(Elise Keith) #1

I just ran across this page on the Community at Work website (the folks behind the Facilitator’s Guide To Participatory Decision Making). There are several new-to-me gems on the list and I thought others might also find it useful.

(Christoph Haug) #2

Thanks for sharing! I found this one (called Liberating Structures) particularly interesting:

There is a whole list of LS user groups across the globe: Liberating Structures - User Group Startup

(Nancy White) #3

As a Liberating Structures user, I find it a really nice way to rethink my facilitation practices. A lot may feel familiar, but learning it again through the lens of the 5 microsctructures has really opened my eyes.

What is interesting about all these resources are they way we frame them. If you look at, it is a pattern language through which to understand and interpret group process. works to look at process and tools through the lens of a particular practice (knowledge management/knowledge sharing).

We can look at things in terms of “is this tool useful for that context.” We can look at them as a framework for understanding our work. It is fascinating!

(W. E. Christwitz) #4

These tools help foster skill and hope. I also use Douglass Schuler’s Liberating Voices patterns, as a complement, as well as Tom Atlee’s Wise Democracy patterns, and, the Group Works Patterns.

(Krister Forsberg) #5

Thank you Elise. Always looking for new process tools and techniques.