Remembering Kunsido amidst zillions of communication channels

Hi Christoph. I’m not sure what happened. I’m on sooooo many projects/platforms/accounts it may be that I just didn’t have time to interact after my initial conversation with you – which was easy to find when I got back home. I had also written the dates in my “future” scheduler.

I have to admit that the word Kunsido didn’t resonate with me, as it did with you.

We had a similar problem starting INGRoup. The founders knew what it was – others did not. So maybe just a once a month note/interaction to keep us all cognitively engaged!


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So what was your recipe for success?

I’m working on it! But the thing is: can you tackle information overload by sending out more information? If you search your email account for kunsido, you will probably find that you have received more than one kunsido email over the past year or so. So the question is: what made you not notice them/ not remember kunsido?

So, it does look like I read them – I recall commenting to myself – "oh they did what we did at the Leiden workshop for social scientists and computer scientists who study groups.

There was no intentional recipe at INGRoup. But we had a larger audience, often with multiple people in a department/college. The meeting folks are spread thinner.


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