Practitioner Books on Meetings

Practitioner Books on Meetings

(Elise Keith) #1

I know there’s a topic on here already for academic publications about meetings and once upon a time, someone asked about practitioner books?

I maintain a list of meeting books on GoodReads here:

It includes both academic and practitioner books, and a handful of books that offer meeting-relevant insights. Please feel free to add to this list and vote for the books you find most useful, and/or pull the list in here if that’s more helpful.

(Krister Forsberg) #2

Elise: A month ago I got the 4th edition of Ingrid Bens book Facilitating with ease! The book has been expanded with processes for virtual conversations attached to the process tools. I have Same Kaner´s book about Decision-Making.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

(Elise Keith) #3

Thanks, Krister! I really like Sam Kaner’s book–I found it was far less intimidating than the title implies.
You might also like Facilitating the Project Lifecyle and Collaboration Explained since both include several full meeting plans.
And a Merry Christmas to you too.

(Christoph Haug) #4

Thanks everyone for sharing book recommendations. Many users will appreciate a link when referring to a book or website, so I include some below. Using google books, it’s even possible to embed the book in the post (using an iframe).

(W. E. Christwitz) #5

Dear Elise Keith, Thanks again for your valuable research and sharing on meeting processes. It helps us cultivate hope together.