Poster with symposium participants

Hello all,

Here is a poster for your wall.
It has all the faces of participants in the Goteborg meeting, with the names…
A printed poster on your wall works wonders with the brain in remembering all these peeps.
If you want to print it, do it on A3 if you can… A4 works too.

All the best,

Maarten vanneste.

ps I may have missed one or two pictures and I apologize to those missing.

Poster GSMS 06.pdf (822.2 KB)


Thank you very much, Maarten. Good pictures, nice poster.
Cheers, Wilbert

Awesome. That’s a fun artefact - thanks for putting it together.

Yes indeed, thanks a lot Maarten. And here is the whole thing as an image:

Hi Maarten,

Thanks so much for sending this poster with pictures of all the participants at the Gothenburg Symposium on Meeting Science. This is really helpful to have!