Paper on contemporary formality

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it is almost two years since the 3rd MSS in Brussels! At the event I presented preliminary work on contemporary formality in professional encounters (not just business meetings). Some of you asked where to find it, and I am sorry that I forgot to post when it was out. The paper presents a conceptual framework for the concept of formality in social interaction. It proposes that formality may be analyzed according to six dimensions: structural–episodic; preemptive–remedial; stipulated–taken-for-granted; instructed–questioned; scripted–negotiated; and excessive–granular.

Best, Mie


This is wonderful news, congrats on the nice and important piece of work!

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Thanks for sharing, Mie! We should all try to remember to share our work here (or that of others, for that matter) :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re right, Christoph, we should!