New meetings book and associated resources

I’ve written a book on meetings called Where the Action Is. It comes out in paperback in September and was released on Kindle today. I think many of you will enjoy critiquing it. :wink:

Perhaps even more useful to the group, however, are some of the online resources we’ve put together to accompany the book. First, here’s a list of the sources by chapter. (forgive my non-academic freewheeling attributions)

Second, this chart of meeting types links to lots of detailed resources. We’ll continue building these out for the foreseeable future, so those of you who have work that should be linked here, please let me know!

Finally, now that this monster is off my desk, I’m happy to collaborate with anyone who would like to contribute to any of this. Very much looking forward to everyone’s feedback!

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Dear Elise, Thank you for your engaging and useful work. I just bought it on Kindle. When done I think I will give a great review. Ed

Hi Elise,

Congratulations on the Kindle publication of your new book. It looks very interesting and also comprehensive!


Thank you, Helen. Make sure I quoted you correctly in the intro - the print version isn’t out yet! I think you can read the whole introduction in the “Look Inside” preview on Amazon. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Ed! Looking forward to your feedback.