Movies about meetings

Continuing the discussion from Fateful minutes when history could have taken another course often happen in meetings:

Apropos movies: there are surely a number of meeting movies. A classic is 12 Angry Men:

In an international research project with 7 teams from 6 countries we used an extract from that movie to test our coding scheme for our comparative participant observation of meetings.

There is also a 1997 remake of the movie but I never watched it. It can hardly be better than the original.

While working on my book I studiously avoided rewatching this for fear of mistaking the fictionalized version for the real thing.

A nonfiction option is About Mr. Sam, by the Canadian National Film Board. @f.cooren and others have published extensively about the meetings depicted herein and it is quite useful to use as an illustration in class.

In fact, I believe it illustrates some key meeting types such as “brainstorming” and "strategic planning - and illustrates a SWOT analysis in part – even before these terms were invented.
After Mr. Sam

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