Meeting Statistics

I am interested in finding statistics of meeting specifically about Sweden, but numbers for Europe would also be relevant. I am particularly interested in the following:

How many meetings are held daily (or other time frame). I have seen reports that 50 million meetings are held each day in the USA.

What evolution do we see in the ratio between face to face meetings and digital or distance meeting (or combination of face to face and distance).

Thanks in advance

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Hej Carl, and welcome to Kunsido!

I am planning to do a project that will collect various statistics about meetings in Sweden. But it will take some time before those data are available. In the mean time, I believe the only place you might be able to get such data is from 3S in Stockholm. They do Meeting Quality surveys for their clients but, as @micke.darmell told me, they also do a yearly survey across companies. It would be really great if they could share some of their data here…

BTW, is that the same Meeting Quality Index as you are doing, @kelvin.mcgrath?

I suppose that was @Elise_Keith’s famous blog post?

Thanks Christoph.

Yes as a by product of mapping relationships we provide a metric which measures the quality of meetings.

We do not have too much data about Swedish meetings however we have just translated 10 of our products into Swedish. This is currently in the process of being rolled out with CCG group led by Pierre Wettergren.



Wait a minute now: but 3S are not using your product, are they?