Meeting Owl 3: 360° Video Conferencing Camera, Mic, and Speaker

I recently was a remote participant in a seminar at Stanford University, and found it quite nice that they were using a 360° camera which made it possible for us remote participants to see the entire room. But what real amazement happened during the Q&A section when I saw the camera zoom in on whoever in the audience asked a question. And when there was an exchange between two people in the room, both of them where enlarged in the screen. It really enhanced my experience as a remote participant.

It turns out they were using an owl:

Anyone here has more experience with this (or similar technology)?

In the seminar I attended, I found the audio quality somewhat lacking, but I saw that it is possible to add extra microphones to the device.

We played with Owls in this experiment. It’s a different mix of in-person to online participants, and kind of interesting to skim through. 7-27-22 - Experiments with Hybrid Facilitation | Meeting Innovation Community

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