I'm studying interprofessional teams in healthcare

Hi all, I am interested in meetings because groups conduct most of their business in and through meetings, and I’m interested in groups because I wish to study what those in healthcare refer to as interprofessional teams. These teams have become a major focus of interest in healthcare. I also wish to learn more about meetings because I hope to begin regularly teaching a group communication course and I want it to contain more information about meetings than most group communication textbooks seem to.
Till now, what little I know about meeting communication I have gained from the Conversation Analysis literature or gleaned from Erving Goffman’s work.

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That is also how I started off. But there is so much more! My hope is that this forum will contribute to the exchange between meeting researchers from different disciplines. For example, if you are working on a specific question, you could post a quick question to ask for references (perhaps including a list with the most relevant ones you already have). It’ll be interesting to see what else people come up with. :slight_smile: