Humming and a webinar invite for you all

Humming and a webinar invite for you all

(Elise Keith) #1

Humming to Gage Consensus
For those of you who study and/or practice consensus-making methodologies, check this out. I think it’s delightful!

Webinar Invite
We’re hosting a free webinar by Dr. Steve Rogelberg about his meeting research and his new book in January, and we’ll definitely leave time for questions. We’re also collecting questions during registration since I know the time doesn’t work for everyone.

To make this a more enjoyable and stimulating experience for the presenter and audience, we’d love to get some tricky-but-on-topic questions from other experts. Webinar: The Surprising Science of Meetings

(Christoph Haug) #2

Ah, this allows me to test our date/time feature here on kunsido: when you compose a post, you can insert a date/time using the :gear: icon and every user should see it in their local time.

So, let’s see if this works: the webinar will take place on Thursday, 10 January 2019 19:00 (Europe: Paris), Thursday, 10 January 2019 10:00 (America: Los Angeles)

(Elise Keith) #3

We decided to publish recordings from all our webinars on our YouTube channel to make them easier for more folks to access. Dr. Rogelberg’s presentation is here, and I know he means to make it available to other folks studying meeting science. Hopefully some here will enjoy!