How to use AI in Meeting Facilitation?

@Elise_Keith at The Meeting Innovation Community is doing some great work in hosting workshops on - well - meeting innovation.

The most recent one was about the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in facilitation, but even if you’re not interested in artificial intelligence, I think that workshop was really well designed and from that alone you can gather inspiration for your own meetings and workshops.

As Marie, the presenter, says at the end of the video: this may be obsolete in six months’ time, so I guess you’d better watch it now :laughing:

If you wonder what experiment Elise is talking about at the end, check out this page (and consider participating) @Elise_Keith: what about languages? Does it matter which language the meetings are held in) :

In a nutshell, they have identified two innovative meeting designs that they want different groups to test. From what I can see, the designs themselves are not published yet. @Elise_Keith , are those kept secret until the start of the experiment?

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Thanks for Sharing :pray: