Feedback Frames in-person meeting tool 40% off this week

Happy International Facilitation Week!

To help support your important facilitation work, Feedback Frames is offering a 40% discount this week only.

Feedback Frames provide a reliable and fun technique for rating ideas, with instant visual results. This is not an app! They are a low-tech and hands-on tool for participants to secretly record their opinion on ideas by dropping tokens in a range of slots that are hidden by a cover. Results are later revealed as a visual graph of nuanced collective opinions for all to see.

This secret gradient of agreement approach supports a collaborative equal opportunity consensus process and avoids traditional voting problems such as the bandwagon effect, groupthink, vote splitting, and binary wine-lose situations.

Feedback Frames are fun, reusable and easily customized using free templates from their website.

Order your set by October 23 and get 40% off using discount code “FacWeek”.


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