Counting down to 2nd Meeting Science Symposium in Copenhagen

We are counting down to the 2nd Meeting Science Symposium at the University of Copenhagen 23-24
May 2019.

Just to mention a few of the highlights:

Among the speakers are people who have contributed to this field for many years, such as Wilbert van Vree and Christoph Haug, not to mention our plenary speaker, Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock.

And Helen Schwartzman, who is one of the founding mothers of the study of meetings, has done it again as a front runner: With her paper 'Do dogs have meetings?’, she will explore what we can say about it, and what these ‘meetings’ can teach us about meetings between humans. We are looking forward to that one!

Personally, I am also looking forward to a handful of parallel workshops, facilitated by a team of enthusiastic students of process facilitation. I can’t decide if I should choose the one on co-writing a book on meetings or the one on developing a research application together with a great team of symposium participants, or if I should choose to work on one of the cases on how to design a great meeting for a specific purpose. We have a couple of publishers lined up and an idea or two about where to apply for money.

What I do know is that I will look forward to networking with all participants. So many great meeting designers, meeting facilitators and meeting scholars are participating

We aim to make this event informal, yet focused and dedicated, with as much of a round table feel to it as possible.

The registration deadline is May 7th, and here is the link to register:

See more info about the symposium here:

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Dear Mie,

I’m really sorry for asking. I’m almost sure I received the link for uploading the template for the Pecha Kucha presentation. But I’m unable to find it again. Please, could you help me?

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I’m looking forward to meeting you!