Bridge Resources between Societal Change and group thinking processes

I find that using several pattern languages for some projects and groups can work synergistically. I am looking for grids or matrices of topics, resources and links to facilitate faster use of both individual patterns and pattern languages. Suggestions such as a horizontal line listing: Psychelogical (not sic), Emotional, Spiritual, Ecological, Ethical-Moral, Philosophical-Metaphysical, Practical, Investigative-scientific, Other Processes, Systems, Etc. The vertical list could include words such as needs, diagnostics, queries, resources, understandings, approaches, methodologies, advices, processes, systems, institutions, contexts of strong and weak use, common applications, purposes and goals, hopes and dreams, related, etc. I’m sure this project would be fun for a group of search engine designers, or even students. I’m getting too slow to do it myself, but I have a draft which has combined Group Works patterns,
an edited Tom Atlee’s Wise Democracy Patterns and an edited Douglass Schuler’s Liberating Voices patterns . This is meant not merely for meeting practitioners, but social change visionaries, activists, and researchers.