8th Meeting of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI) in October 2018

The meetings of LANSI have a broader focus than “just” meetings, but they are certainly an interesting forum for discussing talk-in-interaction. The program for this year’s conference in New York City is out (see here). It includes a paper on how meeting participants talk into being their allies and adversaries in a shifting political landscape:

Pinning Down Proteus: Constructing Categories in Grassroots Activism

Sarah Chepkirui Creider
New York University

Catherine DiFelice Box
University of Pennsylvania

This longitudinal study of rural activists asks how participants “talk into being” (Heritage, 1984) allies and adversaries in a shifting political landscape. Based on ethnomethodological principles, the study uses a variety of data sources, including video-recorded meetings, meeting notes taken by a group member, and letters to the editor.

If you learn about a conference or a workshop about meetings, feel free to share that information here. :slight_smile:

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