2019 Conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis in Mannheim, Germany

For those of you studying meetings from an ethnomethodological/CA perspective, next years conference of the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA) may be of interest. Here is the list of panels (as of 15 August 2018):

Panel ID 114: Practices of talking about languages and language use
Panel ID 115: Longitudinal CA: documenting change in interactional practices over time
Panel ID 116: On Sacks
Panel ID 117: Knowledge and expertise in interaction
Panel ID 118: Points of no return: Endogenous assessment of critical tasks in surgical procedures.
Panel ID 119: The multimodal constitution of learning space
Panel ID 120: Practices of relationship building in helping professional interactions
Panel ID 121: Practices of interpreting a prior speaker’s talk
Panel ID 122: Divergent units and fuzzy boundaries – what do they tell us about practices in action?
Panel ID 124: EMCA studies of work and practice in experimental psychology
Panel ID 125: Talking about and interpreting complex visuals in interaction
Panel ID 126: The multimodal turn in CA-SLA: Theoretical and methodological consequences
Panel ID 127: Embodied practices in sports and performing arts
Panel ID 128: “All vision is perspectival” - Accomplishing visibility and establishing reference as professional practices
Panel ID 129: When Practices become Form: Hybrid Studies and Contemporary Arts in the Making
Panel ID 130: Ethnomethodology and Ethnography II
Panel ID 131: Doing Choice and Decision in Shopping and Sales Interactions
Panel ID 132: Third party positions in interactions
Panel ID 133: The changing shape of media dialogical networks
Panel ID 134: Resistance in talk-in-interaction
Panel ID 135: Culture as Method and Practice: Culture in EMCA Studies
Panel ID 136: Ethnomethodology and Ethnography I
Panel ID 137: Kids in Interaction: EMCA Studies of Children
Panel ID 139: Interactional practices and complexity in diverse settings: Findings, methods and implications
Panel ID 140: Knowledge, Body, Society – comparing EMCA and Practice Theory
Panel ID 141: Ethnomethodology of creative work
Panel ID 143: “Promising practices” - promises and (re)assurances in social interaction
Panel ID 144: Diagnosis Delivery in Medical Interaction
Panel ID 145: Rhythm research via interaction analysis
Panel ID 146: “The daemon is in the details: Detail in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis”
Panel ID 148: Understanding Hybrid interactions
Panel ID 149: Children and social competence: talking about sensitive topics with children in different institutional settings
Panel ID 150: Treatment Recommendation as a situated practice: a comparison of ways to recommend treatment in different specialty settings and contexts

More detailed descriptions for each panel are available here.