What are you currently working on?

Aren’t you curious to learn who all the other people in the Kunsido community are and what they are doing? I certainly am! And I think that once we have an idea of who is here and what everyone is doing, it will be much easier to find the right people and to start a conversation.

So: what are you working on?

(Note that you don’t have to say much, a few words will do… Never mind that I wrote several paragraphs. It’s not a requirement!)

My name is Christoph Haug, I’m a Sociologist at the University of Gothenburg and I got interested in meetings about 10 years ago when I studied decision making in social movements (which meant that I had to attend a lot of meetings).

After having spent quite some time organizing the Gothenburg Meeting Science Symposium in May 2017, I am now preparing for the next conference (which I’m not organizing :sweat_smile: ), the yearly conference of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) which takes place in Copenhagen this year (6-8 July). At this conference, I am particularly interested in the CCO community.

CCO stands for “Communicative Constitution of Organization” and it has become a marker for many organizational scholars who believe that communication should not be treated as taking place within (or between) organizations but that communication constitutes organization. Without communication, there would be no organization. Apart from attending the sessions of the CCO people, I will also attend a pre-conference workshop in which CCO scholars discuss with practitioners about the possible contributions that CCO theory can make to organizational practice.

After the summer break, I need to finish off some papers that have been sitting on my desk for way too long…

Laughter during oral arguments of the U.S. Supreme Court. My coauthor, Robert Mowry, and I are focusing on how justices and attorneys respond to, and use, audience laughter, which they do not expressly acknowledge as the audience is not a ratified participant in the proceedings.

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Hello everyone, I am currently looking at micro-geography of trade-fairs and how it relates to subsequent interaction between exhibitors at organizational-level. I have recently presented the early version of the paper as well as some preliminary results at EGOS Sub-theme 07: (SWG) Multi-Level Network Research: Micro-foundations of Organizational Networks. I got a good feedback but there is still a lot of work to do.

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