Technology for meetings in 2020

Hi all,
Last year there were several maps created that attempted to make sense of the different kinds of meeting tech out there. None include the same technologies or categories.
I contacted folks involved to see if we could use all our consensus-building superpowers to build a better map.
If you’d like to participate in this effort, we’d love to have you. Details here:


Great initiative! I’ve long wanted to build a similar map and collected lots of links to digital tools, but never got down to doing the real work…

I’m sure, though, if everyone here understands what you are asking for/offering, so I’m linking your video here:

Which maps are that, btw?

Oooh! Good. I do hope you’ll add them… :slight_smile:

I developed one for InfoQ. The goal was simply to show folks that there’s more out there than Zoom & Skype. Can Your Meeting Kit Cut It?

The others were developed by consultants for work with clients, and then they get passed around in networks such as the IAF group focused on digital collaboration. I also had a few of the academics from the meetings moonshot group ask for my list-o-links, and would prefer to share a co-created list that doesn’t include quite as many personal notes.

I didn’t have time the past days due to an important deadline, but now I added them. (At least the ones I had filed in the proper category…)

I’m also curious about the next step:

Step 3 - March 10: Live meeting to achieve consensus on the categories.

But that’s exactlt the time when I’m not available.

And I couldn’t figure out how to do the second step:

Step 2 - March 7: Add draft categories
Working asynchronously with the group, put the technolgies into draft categories. Categories look like little folders in MeetingSphere.

I don’t see any draft categories. But maybe that’s because I missed the deadline for step 1?

In any case: I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Late follow-up, but here it is:

The whole pandemic thing threw our project into a bit of a tailspin, so these categories are informed by the collaborative event but otherwise ours. We continue to add more tech to these lists as we learn about it. In the next few weeks, we’ll also add a sentence or two describing each one so people can understand a bit more before they click.

If you know about viable, open-for-biz tech that we’re missing, please let us know using the form linked at the bottom of those pages.


Wow, what an amazing collection of meeting apps.Good work, Elise! If you can make it to the symposium next year, that could make a great presentation. “That” meaning your experience and insights from mapping those tools…

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Ha! My experience was “hey, this would be a cool project. Let’s get everyone we know involved. OH NO! Global pandemic! Aargh - let’s just post the list and work out the details later.”

Maybe a pecha kucha style presentation? :wink:

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