Research on virtual meetings

Hi to all and thanks to Christoph Haug for organizing this forum!

I am a PhD student at Mälardalen University, Sweden, with a research interest in virtual meetings. I am part of a research programme focusing on Digitalized management, the DigMa programme ( I just found this forum and am happy to see so many interested in meetings.

In my work I aim to understand more about the entanglement of the social and the material in the virtual (business) meeting and the consequences of this inseparability. I believe it is important for us to understand more about this as it affects what is possible and what is not in the virtual meeting. Inclusion and power in this setting are interesting concepts as they may be understood differently through a sociomaterial analysis of the virtual meeting.

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to participating in this forum!


Welcome to the Forum, Anna! And thanks for sharing some details about your work. I enjoyed reading your blog-article about “Stop blaming the technology!”. You really have some very important points there and I’m curious to learn more as your research progresses.

And congrats to @lucia.crevani and colleagues for putting together such an excellent research programme!