Please share your research articles!

Dear @researchers, it would be great if we could use this forum to make our work easily discoverable across disciplines by posting our articles and conference papers here. We are probably about 100 meeting researchers on this forum but few have so far mentioned their own publications. I suppose we are too humble to promote our work. :blush:

So I’d like to encourage all of us to share our publications about meetings here on Kunsido in the #research category. There is already a topic on Scientific books about meetings but you can also create a new topic for a new book. But most publications will obviously be articles and I’d suggest that you create one topic per article but if your publication list is too long, you can, of course paste several articles into a single post.

Apart from the full reference and a link to the article online, it would be great if you could also include the abstract.

Furthermore, you can also use the opportunity to provide further comments about the publication, like mention other articles based on the same material or embed the article in the broader context of your work (“This article led to question X which I then looked at in publication Y” etc)

BTW: if you are a researcher but have not yet joined our researcher group here in Kunsido, please join us here.

i’ll post my recent words if your OK with that? Do you want to check them over first since there is quiet a lot of your thinking reproduced - don’t feel i could legit call my stuff ‘research’ - more musings from the field.
I mailed you a copy earlier in the week

Sure! You don’t have to ask for permission to post something on this forum. Just go ahead.

Since a lot of the Kunsido members are researchers who have published articles in academic journals, my idea with this topic was to encourage them to share references to these articles here so that we create a kind bibliography about meeting research. Here is an example of what I had in mind.

But it doesn’t matter whether your “musings” are scientific or not. There is enough space here to share all kinds of texts, as long as they are related to meetings. So please share your thoughts!

The best way to share texts here is to share it as actual text (like the one I’m writing here) because that makes it easy for people to quote and reply to specific parts (select the text piece you want to reply to and click “Quote”). Pdfs can also be shared but it makes it more difficult to discuss the text.

Sorry, I didn’t get down to reading it yet.

I didn’t mean to give the impression I expected that you’d have had time to read it!, simple that I felt your ‘ok’ was relevant to sharing since i’ve lifted your content.
Also you headed the piece “researchers” and I don’t feel that applies to me.
I’m a "reuser to apply what seems accessible to the ordinary project manager"
and lastly I believe there is protocol and rigour in academia that I have no idea about but whose exception i believe generates ire.
Still if your default is ‘go for it’ I will.
I have pdf to hand - i’ll re-create as text and post
Have a great w/end

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OK I posted.
its in the how-to >>>Here<<<
Best regards